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I loved this class. I had a lovely time, learned a lot and was delighted with my mandala. Kathryn is a wonderful teacher and fantastic company!

Angie, Mandala drawing for beginners participant

Kathryn’s Mandala Classes have been the most popular events we’ve ever hosted. The feedback we received was fabulous.

Pauline, Excluded UK Event Orgnaiser

Hello, I’m Kathryn, a mandala art teacher, writer, photographer and holistic therapist living in a little seaside town in Sussex, England.

Mandala Art Teacher

I started teaching online mandala art classes when we first went into lockdown, to encourage others to explore art as a form of relaxation through mandalas. I now teach a range of art classes for individuals and small groups as well as corporate team-building classes.

Mandalas are an ancient art form and aid to meditation originally developed in the Himalayas by Buddhist monks some 2,000 years ago. Drawing mandalas is the perfect stress buster. Even if you feel you can’t draw, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy they are once you know a few basic techniques.

Over the last two years, I’ve taught hundreds of people how to draw mandalas and my classes have been featured several times in the national press.

Learn more about my live online mandala art classes here.

Online Team Building Art Classes

As well as teaching individuals and small groups, I also lead team-building events. Previous clients range from small groups from a university administration department to larger groups from multinational corporations, covering different time zones so that employees from as far afield as India to Canada can attend.

Monthly Online Art Club

In my online art club, I teach a different traditional pattern from around the world each month. Art styles covered include Arabic geometry, Celtic knots and of course mandalas. All my classes are fun and informal, with attendees encouraged to turn their mics and cameras on so we can chat as we draw. These monthly classes, in particular, are designed to be a social event as much as an art class, perfect for anyone still isolating or simply wishing to contact with like-minded people from throughout the UK and beyond. That’s the beauty of these virtual classes, you can join me from anywhere in the world. Please do get in touch if my scheduled classes don’t fit your time zone,




How to draw Celtic knots | Live Online Art Class
Mandala art teacher

Drawing these traditional patterns is a wonderful way to relax – a great stress buster. What’s more, taking part in an art that stimulates the mind as well as developing motor skills, can help ward off dementia in older adults.


Who am I?

Thank you for asking! I was born and still live, with my husband and cat, by the sea in West Sussex.

Having originally studied zoology, and psychology at Bristol University, I went back to college as a mature student to study graphic design and illustration.

Over the years, my career path has taken many twists and turns including graphic design, writing, photography and social media.

In 2019, I packed up my office job as a writer for a tour operator to concentrate on my travel blog, Travel With Kat, and combined this with leading guided walks in the South Downs.

Going freelance also gave me more time to explore my creative side. I’ve had a fascination with geometric patterns since seeing the mosaics at Fishbourne Roman Villa, when I was a girl. At art college, my thesis was on the history of Celtic abstract design but it was many years later, while travelling in Asia, that I first came across mandalas. Now, much of my artwork revolves around mandalas as well as Arabic geometry, both drawing myself and teaching others.

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