Welcome to Mandala Meadow, an art and travel blog and the perfect place to leave your worries behind. This is a celebration of the many varied cultures around the world – all the things that inspire my own art and that I hope will, in turn, inspire you. 

I’m Kathryn a writer, photographer, and artist living by the coast in West Sussex, England. Thanks for popping by! Please explore my blog and try your hand at one of my free tutorials or join me live for an online Mandala Art class. You can also travel the world vicariously by reading about the artists and craftsmen I’ve met on my travels. 

Kathryn Burrington, Mandala Meadow | Mandla art classes for beginners
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Study art with me online

I started teaching online art classes when we first went into lockdown, to encourage others to explore art as a form of relaxation through mandalas. This ancient art form and aid to meditation was originally developed in the Himalayas by Buddhists monks some 2,000 years ago. Drawing mandalas is the perfect lockdown stress buster. If you’d like to know more about my classes you can find out more here.

 “I loved this class. I had a lovely time, learned a lot and was delighted with my mandala. Kathryn is a wonderful teacher and fantastic company!” Angie

Who am I?

Thank you for asking! It’s complicated…

I was born and still live, with my husband and cat, in a little seaside town in Sussex.

Having originally studied zoology, botany and psychology, I went back to college as a mature student to study graphic design and illustration. I also spent three years at evening classes studying photography.

Over the years, my career path has taken many twists and turns including graphic design, writing, photography and social media.

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In 2019, I packed up my office job as a writer for a tour operator to concentrate on my travel blog, Travel With Kat, and combined this with leading guided walks in the South Downs.

Going freelance also gave me more time to explore my creative side. I’ve had a fascination with geometric patterns since seeing the mosaics at Fishbourne Roman Villa, when I was a girl. At art college, my thesis was on the history of Celtic abstract design but it was many years later, while travelling in Asia, that I first came across mandalas. Now, much of my artwork revolves around mandalas, both drawing them myself and teaching others.

Drawing mandalas is a wonderful way to relax – a great stress buster. What’s more, taking part in an art that stimulates the mind as well as developing motor skills, can help ward off dementia in older adults. I’ve already taught over 300 people how to draw mandalas. You can read more about my art classes here.

Or check out my blog and join me as I explore the world through its arts and crafts.

If you’d like to get in touch you can contact me at mandalameadow@gmail.com

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