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FREE Colouring Pages

Free colouring pages to download and print by Kathryn Burrington from Mandala Meadow

In these stressful times, it’s important to take time out to relax and unwind. Colouring is a wonderful way to do this. I love drawing and get a huge amount of satisfaction out of producing my own designs but sometimes it’s nice to relax even further and simply colour.

Why is colouring good for you?

Colouring is a form of active meditation, enabling you to relax and forget about your everyday worries as your mind focuses solely on the act of colouring.

It’s great for adults, as well as children, and it’s also a perfect mental exercise for those of us who are more advanced in years. As we get older, it’s so important that we keep our brains active and colouring is surprisingly good for this, as it improves our hand-eye coordination, while allowing us to focus on the present.

More downloadables coming soon! 

Please note, these pages and templates are for personal use only. Commercial use prohibited. All artwork is copyright of Kathryn Burrington, Mandala Meadow. Copyright is non-transferable. You are not allowed to upload the printable to your server and website to share with others.


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