Once you get hooked on crafting, it’s hard to resist buying a huge stock of art and craft supplies from the great range that’s available online. The choice out there is bewildering, so where do you start?

Here’s a list of all my favourite arts and crafts suppliers, tools, gadgets and gizmos. Some of these companies I have bought from for a great many years, while others are relatively new to me. What they all have in common is that they are all companies or products that I feel confident to recommend to you.

Do you have a favourite brand, website or tool you particularly love or have you bought something only to feel let down? Please do let me, and the crafting community as a whole, know in the comments.

Please note that most of these link, but by no means all, are affiliate links. That means that if you click on the link and go own to make a purchase, I may be paid a small commission, at no extra cost to you. Read more in my disclaimer.

Best Art & Craft Suppliers Online

These are my preferred websites for art and craft supplies in alphabetical order.


UK and USA | Great value art supplies

From acrylic paints and watercolour pens that act like brushes to pottery and clay sculpting tools, Arteza offers a wide range of good quality yet affordable artist supplies. They may not be the absolutely highest quality that is available but I think they are without a doubt the best value. I’d recommend signing up for their newsletter as they publish some wonderful tutorials and they do hold great sales!

Colouring with Arteza real brush pens

Which Arteza products do I use? Real Brush Pens and Inkonic Fineliners

Which Arteza products are on my wishlist? Pouring Acrylic Paint, Metallic Acrylics and Metallic Watercolours.

What do I love most about Arteza? Not only do I love all the pens I have bought from Arteza, but their customer service is also second to none. While 95% of the products I have bought from them have been excellent, twice I have had a couple of faulty pens from them. The first time they immediately sent a replacement and the second time, as the product was out of stock, they sent me a full refund. They couldn’t have been more helpful. I also love collecting their reward points. They soon add up and you can then use them for money off your purchases.

What do I love least about Arteza? That I had cause to find out that their customer service was so good in the first place.

Tip: Sign up for Arteza’s newsletter. They have some excellent tutorials and no end of sales. If you see something you’d love but really can’t afford, sooner or later it will go on sale.



UK | Superior quality art supplies

I’ve only recently started using this site since I fell in love with Finetec Pearlcolors metallic watercolour paints from Coliro. I’ll add more to this entry very soon but I have a very good first impression about the quality and range of products available. Watch this space!

First-time customers will get a 10% discount if they use this link (or the one above) on their first-ever order, Jackson’s.

Tip: Some of these metallic watercolour paints from Jackson’s look quite different depending on whether you paint on white or dark paper and also depending on how the light catches them. Review coming soon!



Craft Stash

UK, USA, Canada, Europe, Australia | Craft supplies

Which are my favourite products available on Craft Stash? Sakura Pigma Micron Fineliners and Brush Pens, perfect for drawing mandalas.

Which products available on Craft Stash are on my wishlist? More Sakura pens

What do I love most about Craft Stash? I can buy Sakura pens individually as well as in packs.

What do I love least about Craft Stash? Nothing as yet.

Tonic Studios

UK and USA | Craft supplies

Which products available on Tonic Studios am I currently using? Double-sided tape, Adhesive foam pads – two very useful supplies for greetings cards and other papercraft projects. I also have some of their Nuvo Drops (self-levelling domed dot embellishments).

Nuvo self-levelling domed dots for craft embellishment

Which products are on my wishlist? Scoring board.

What do I love most about Tonic Studios? The range of new ideas their products give me.

What do I love least about Tonic Studios? When products are out of stock. Grrr! I’m not very patient!





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